MatGas Seminar Series on CO2 and related issues

By Dr. Juan Carlos ABANADES

Instituto Nacional del Carbón (INCAR – CSIC), Oviedo, Asturias, Spain



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   NOTE: We would be grateful if you can confirm your attendance to Ms. Montse Salas, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We are looking forward to meeting you at the seminar.

MatGas, a non-profit, research organization, born as a joint venture among Carburos Metálicos- Air Products Group, the National Research Council of Spain (Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas-CSIC) and the Autonomous University of Barcelona (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona-UAB) holds a Seminar Series on CO2 and related issues since the end of 2007, on monthly basis. This is one of the actions taken since the new focus, with the objective to become a center of excellence in CO2. MatGas aims at contributing at different levels in the research and development of technologies for CO2 capture and utilization, working in the improvement of green technologies, friendly with the environment.

The objective of this series of seminars is to acquire and divulgate a solid knowledge of the state of the art in the field of CO2 capture, utilization and energy issues associated to environmentally benign energy technology.

Several international experts on CO2 capture, sequestration, utilization and energy connected issues (including hydrogen) have been and will invited to participate at this series. Their expertise gives a broad perspective to the subject: from fundamental knowledge to well-developed technologies. The complementary approach will enlighten the issues and challenges on this relevant topic.


The seminar series was inaugurated on December 2007. A list of invited speakers who already participated includes:

•    Prof. Alain Demourgues, ICMCB-CNRS-University of Bordeaux 1 (France),

•    Dr. J. Ángel Menéndez, INCAR-CSIC, Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (Spain),

•    Prof. Ken Seddon, University of Belfast (UK),

•    Prof. Mercedes Maroto-Valer, University of Nottingham (UK), Director of the Center for Carbon Capture and Sequestration

•    Dr. Santiago Sabugal, president of the Spanish CO2 Platform (Spain)

•    Prof. Bob Armstrong, Deputy Director of the MIT Center for Energy Initiative (USA)

•    Dr. Roberta Pacciani, Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, Cambridge University (UK)

•    Prof. Joan Ramon Morante, Catalonian Institute for Energy Research (Spain)

•    Prof. Jordi Marquet, Vice-rector for Strategic Projects and Director of the Parc de Recerca, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (Spain)

•    Dr. Jara Imbers, University of Nottingham (UK)

•    Prof. Vicente Cortés, Director, CO2 Capture Programme CIUDEN, Fundación Estatal Ciudad de la Energía, Ponferrada (Spain)

•    Dr. Óscar Prado, Department of Chemical Engineering (UAB) and MATGAS 2000 AIE (Spain)

•    Dr. Mario Garma, Carburos Metálicos – Air Products Group (Spain)

•   Prof. Jose Luis Garcia-Fierro, Instituto de Catálisis y Petroleoquímica, CSIC (Spain)

•   Dr. J.S. Dennis, Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, University of Cambridge, (UK)

•   Prof. Rafael García-Moliner, Research Professor and Coordinator: Chemical Science and Technology Area, CSIC (Spain)

•   Prof. Jan V. Sengers, Distinguished University Professor Emeritus and Research Professor Statistical Physics, Ins. for Physical Science and Technology, University of Maryland (USA)

•   Dr. Ricard Garcia-Valls, Director of the School of Chemical Engineering - University Rovira i Virgili (URV), Tarragona, Spain



These seminars are held on monthly basis at the MatGas building (Campus Universitat Autonoma de  Barcelona), if you want to receive information, please contact Ms. Montse Salas, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



Short Bio

Dr. Juan Carlos ABANADES. MSc (1987) and PhD in the Chemical Engineering Programme (1991) of the University of Zaragoza, with award to the best PhD in Technical Areas. 

Research experience in the fields of non-catalytic gas-solid reactions and fluidization. About 50 publications in international journals and 3 international patent applications.  Current research interest on high temperature solid looping CO2 capture systems. In particular on those based on Calcium looping (for both postcombustion and H2 production applications).  Scientific  responsible of a joint venture (AIE “La Pereda CO2” of Endesa-Hunosa-CSIC) to built and operate a 1 MW pilot plant for CO2 capture, with support from the EU FP VII project partners of  “CaOling” (2009-2012).
Coordinating Lead Author of the Capture Chapter in the IPCC Special Report on CO2 Capture and Storage. Member of the Technology Task Force of the European Technology Platform for Zero Emissions Fossil Fuel Power Plants. Member of the Editorial Board of the "International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control".