Air Products' hydrogen fueling station in USA
February 2008


Carburos Metálicos, belonging to Group Air Products and partner of MatGas, will supply hydrogen fuel at Expoagua Zaragoza 2008. This facility will produce on site hydrogen via electrolysis for the fueling of the special vehicles and buses that will run during the event. 

The hydrogen fueling station will have a supplying capacity of 40 kg/day of compressed hydrogen gas that will be produced by means of water electrolysis. It will have a maximum load of 108 kg of hydrogen, that in energetic terms is equivalent to 300 kg of gasoline (the fuel load corresponding to 6 conventional cars).

The Zaragoza's Town Hall granted on February 15th the planning permission for the hydrogen fueling station building in Valdespartera. The facility will have a surface area of 2.300 m² and an initial budget of 299.507,88 euros. The contract for the building, set up and maintenance of the hydrogen filing station has been awarded to Carburos Metálicos S.A., Group Air Products, who will be responsible of the supplying and of the facility as well.

The so called Hidrogenera is a plant for the production, storage and distribution of hydrogen as compressed gas with a fuel refilling station for automotive vehicles. It will consist in two adjacent buildings with a central open yard for the compressors. The buildings will hold an office area, an storage area, and services for the staff, as well as a fire-protection safety zone and the electrolysis complex. There will be an outdoor area for transit and refilling  of the vehicles and two parking platforms  for the supplying trucks, with a total surface of 1.626,09 m².

After the ExpoZaragoza 2008 the hydrogen fueling station will be working for the following 8 years supplying hydrogen to public and private vehicles.