New develpoments for preservation of food


In the framework of a seminar on agrofood industry celebrated in Madrid, several experts of  Carburos Metálicos presented the latest innovations launched by the company in the field of freezing and cooling systems and other food applications.

Some of these new developments have been the result of research projects carried out under MATGAS contracts.

Mr. Luis Romero, expert in MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) applications,  described the main uses of protective atmospheres in food packaging with special emphasis in the growing market of protective fish packaging.

José Luis Calvo, technical specialist in applications of liquefied gases in food, explained two of the latest developments of Carburos Metálicos in the field of cooling and freezing food: the Freshline® Continuous Sauce Chiller, a unique development which, by using the direct injection of liquid nitrogen into the sauce, chills the dressing within seconds, and permits the manufacturing process to run continuously; and the new Freshline® TRS freezer, a continuous system for crust freezing meat and other products that require slicing.

Alfonso García, expert in applications of gases in food, presented a novel technology for insect pest control on stored food products in  CO2 atmosphere. This technology has been developed by Carburos Metálicos as the result of several research projects in collaboration with MATGAS and IRTA.

MATGAS, a center of excellence in CO2, has several research projects realted to food applications as part of SOST-CO2 e.g. MAP, new materials for food processing,  water treatment.



Industria Química (01/02/2009) pag. 29 (paper / on line )
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