Spain is among the European leading countries on the development of CO2 capture technologies as stated by Prof. Vicente J. Cortés during a seminar at MATGAS on January 28th in the frame of our " Seminar Series on CO2 and related issues ".

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Dr. Vega and Dr. Cortés visiting MatGas' labs
Prof. Cortés is the director of the CIUDEN Foundation (Ciudad de la Energía) which is now with Endesa (a major Spanish power supply company) lead one of the largest ongoing 5 European initiatives on CO2 capture and storage: the El Bierzo experimental platform, supported by the Spanish Government. The CIUDEN is a research institution created by the Spanish Administration in 2006 in order to promote collaborative research in CCS and CCTs. The aim is to contribute to the strengthening of the industrial and technological base in Spain and Europe.



MatGas is now also participating in another important Spanish initiative on CO2 capture, a CENIT project entitled "New Industrial and Sustainable Uses of CO2: SOST-CO2” mainly focused on developing CO2 reutilization strategies coupled to capture technologies.