first-hydrogen-carClean energy is the future, that's why the hydrogen car means great long-term value. As the reaction of hydrogen with air produces only water vapour, it does not cause any impact on the environment.

Fuel cells can generate electricity from hydrogen with high efficiency and without any emissions, since the reaction of hydrogen with air produces only water vapor. Zero emissions and zero noise, making the hydroge vehicles suitable not only for the city, but for other applications in protected environments such as natural parks. The electric engine that propels the vehicle can be powered by a fuel cell or an auxiliary electric battery system.

The first hydrogen fuel cell propelled car will hit the Spanish roads In September. The prototype has been developed by a consortium of companies and public research centers including Abengoa, Santana Motor, INTA, Carburos Metálicos (Grupo Air Products), AICIA, GreenPower and the Junta de Andalucía. And to make sure that the first Spanish hydrogen fuel cell vehiclecan be refueeled, the Hercules project also envisages the construction of the first hydrogen station.