Prof. Bert Bolin (source IPCC)

January, 2008

Prof. Bert Bolin, Swedish pioneering climatologist and the first chairman of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which shared the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize with the former Vice President Al Gore for their warnings about global warming, died on December 30 in Stockholm.

Prof. Bolin had a distinguished career having been appointed as Professor of Meteorology at Stockholm University in 1961. In 1974 he organized the first international conference for the formulation and development of a World Climate Research Programme (WCRP) which took shape and was launched in 1980. Between 1985 and 1986 he served as Chairman for the ad hoc committee which proposed the initiation by the International Congress of Scientific Unions (ICSU) the International Geosphere Biosphere Programme (IGBP), a study of global change, which was launched by ICSU in 1986.


Workshop on Supercritical Fluids at PTP
November 2007


Our engineer and laboratory technician in the Supercritical Fluids Laboratory, Raúl Solanas, participated in a short-term mission supported by the European Union to strength the planning, management and capabilities of the Pando Technology Pole (PTP) in Uruguay.

November 16th, 2007

In the framework of the European Science Week, a group of 50 young students from the Col·legi Claret de Sabadell, near Barcelona, visited MATGAS. 


Speeches at the Rectorate Building
October 19th

The UAB Rectorate Building held the inauguration of UAB's science and technology park, PRAUB. The ceremony was attended by José Montilla, President of the Catalan Government, and the main representatives of the participating organisations. The second part of the ceremony was held in the area located next to the UAB Columns, where the Agricultural Genomics Research Centre (CRAG) will be built.

Speeches were held at the conference hall of the Rectorate Building by Jordi Marquet, Director of PRUAB; Carlos Martínez, President of the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC); Miguel Angel Quintanilla, Secretary of Universities for the Ministry of Education and Science; and Lluís Ferrer, Rector of the UAB and President of the PRUAB Foundation. The closing speech was given by José Montilla, President of the Generalitat.

Mr. Erwin Zwicky
October 1st, 2007
Mr. Erwin Zwicky, Air Products Vice President, Southern Europe, Consejero Delegado Carburos Metálicos and President of the MATGAS Board, has been appointed President of the European Region- Air Products. In his current position, Erwin has led Air Products’ gases businesses in Spain and Portugal, and managed the company’s interests in SAPIO—Air Products’ joint venture in Italy.