Hydrogen transport in Europe


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Baa Airports Limited, Cenex - Centre Of Excellence For Low Carbon And Fuel Cell Technologies, Copenhagen Hydrogen Network As, Element Energy Limited, European Regions And Municipalities Partnership On Hydrogen And Fuel Cells, Foreningen Hydrogen Link Danmark, Fraunhofer-gesellschaft Zur Foerderung Der Angewandten Forschung E.V., Greater London Authority, Hysolutions Gmbh, Intelligent Energy Limited, Kobenhavns Kommune, London Bus Services Limited, LTI Limited, Ludwig-boelkow-systemtechnik Gmbh.


01-09-11 - 31-12-2014





The aim of HyTEC is to identify and address potential barriers to the wider roll-out of ultra-low carbon hydrogen vehicles around Europe. A research team will review data from the vehicles allowing a full-analysis of their performance during a sustained period of urban driving. In an effort to understand the best methods for rolling out hydrogen transport, each city will adopt a different approach to hydrogen vehicle demonstration, trialling different vehicle types and


approaches to fuelling infrastructure rollout. In London, a new hydrogen fuelling station will connect up the City’s three fuelling stations that will be in operation. This will focus on the development of hydrogen transport infrastructure in urban centres. In Copenhagen, a publicly accessible fuelling network will be developed and linked to other majors cities around Denmark as part of an effort to secure a countrywide network for hydrogen transport from 2015.