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 Planta de tratamiento de CO2 de Canarias

Carburos Metálicos inaugura un innovador proyecto colaborativo que aumenta la eficiencia y sostenibilidad de sus procesos industriales.





Clean air for London - Hydrogen Transport in European Cities (HyTEC) project

A successful fleet of 5 hydrogen-powered taxis was launched in July and vehicles were used to transport dignitaries during the Olympic and Paralympic period. The vehicles are part of the EU co-funded HyTEC project. This industry-led project utilises the hydrogen transport experience and knowledge of 16 companies at the forefront of development of hydrogen technology and infrastructure. In an effort to understand the best methods for rolling out hydrogen transport in European cities, this international initiative will also install a network of fuelling stations will also be deployed in Copenhagen, Denmark.




Discurso de Lourdes Vega Fernández, Premio Física Innovación y Tecnología 2013





latest developments in gas chromatography-safety and trends

Latest Developments in Gas Chromatography, safety and trends





switching from helium to hydrogen-practical application

Switching from helium to hydrogen, practical application





hydrogen as a carrier and fuel gas in gas chromatography

Hydrogen as a carrier and fuel gas in Gas Chromatography


analytical insights i new developments in gas chromatography

Analytical Insights (I) New Developments in Gas Chromatography





MATGAS official video (Spanish version).


MATGAS official video (English version).


A virtual tour of the MATGAS labs.


1ª Edición de los Premios a la Excelencia Profesional en Ciencias y Tecnologías Físicas. Noviembre 2011 from Colegio de Físicos (on Vimeo).

Para todos La 2 - Debates: Mujeres en cargos importantes". Lourdes Vega interviewed on Canal 2.

"On és el secret de les dones científiques?: el privilegi de fer el que t'agrada a la feina". Talk by Lourdes Vega.

Expoquimia 2011 Official Dinner. Barcelona, 17 November 2011.