Agri Food

In the Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) Laboratory we develop projects in areas related to food preservation. The MAP Lab was created 10 years ago as strategic alliance between Carburos Metálicos-Air Products Group and IRTA (Institute of Agro-Food Research and Technology from Catalonia Government), in Barcelona. The main goal of the MAP Lab is to develop research projects, innovation and technology transfer related to modified atmosphere packaging of food.


In the MAP Lab we carry out specific studies to establish the most appropriate gas mixtures for different tyes of food, thus providing advice and technical support to food companies on the most suitable modified atmosphere packaging technology by conducting thourough studies on color, acidity, hardness, microbiological counts, and head space gas composition among others.

Furthermore, the MAP lab together with IRTA developed a novel technology employing MAP with high CO2 content for pest control in stored food products. This MAP technology is highly appropriate to treat raw materials stored in silos, hermetic chambers, pallets and big-bags as well as elaborated foods packaged in consumer units.



Assigned personnel


Sonia Guri

Technical Lead