A project on capture and sustainable uses of CO2, lead by Carburos Metálicos, has been selected by the CENIT program.

The CENIT project titled
"New Industrial and Sustainable uses of CO2- SOST-CO2" lead by CARBUROS METÁLICOS has been included in the final list of granted proposals by CDTI (Centre for Development of Industrial Technology) through the program Ingenio 2010.

Dr. Lourdes Vega, director of R&D of Carburos Metálicos explains that the project has a budget exceeding 26 million euros, and focuses on developing innovative technologies for CO2 use, complementary to CO2 capture technologies, as an alternative to geological sequestration. The development of these technologies covers research, development, and validation of new concepts; in other words integrated solutions to improve CO2 value chain. The project has a clear environmental vision that  is to avoid CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, enhance CO2 use in different industrial sectors, and reduce CO2 environmental impact. Furthermore, new technologies are going to be developed for the generation of sustainable energy  soureces  which will include biofuels and hydrogen. The results will be transfered to the industry.

This project is developed by consortium comprising of 15 companies and 28 research centers that will collaborate for four consecutive years.


The vision of SOST-CO2 is to place Spain in a position of excellence in terms of sustainable use of energy sources, reducing CO2 emissions and other greenhouse gases. The project aims also at developing new technologies to enhance sustainable CO2 use against its confinement and promoting the development of new sustainable energy sources.

MATGAS 2000 AIE will be in charge of the technical management of the project. MATGAS is a centre of excellence on CO2, funded in 2000 by three partners: Carburos Metálicos – Group Air Products, the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC) and the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB).