ArcePlease join us in welcoming Alicia Arce to MATGAS as a Research Associate.

Alicia joined MATGAS at the end of October after completing her PhD at the Department of Automation and system Engineering of the University of Seville on “Advanced Control for Fuel Cell Systems“. During her PhD, Alicia visited the University of Michigan, Ann Arbour and the Imperial College London where she extended her knowledge on the design and optimization of fuel cell control systems. She complemented the experimental work on polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells (PEMFC) with numerical approaches to develop optimal operational strategies for fuel cell based vehicles.

In her new position at MATGAS Alicia will be working on long-life testing of new Hydrogen PEMFC working at high temperatures (100-120C) for combined heat and power (CHP) applications, in the framework of the european project LoLiPEM.

Welcome to MATGAS, Alicia!