carlota taya  

Please join us in welcoming Carlota Taya to MATGAS as Research Associate

Carlota is a postdoctoral research Engineer specialized in the biological wastewater treatment. Carlota holds studies at the "Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona" in the "l'Escola d'Enginyeria" (ETSE).  Carlota joins MATGAS to support us at the SOFCOM Project, where MATGAS is developing a new wastewater treatment using microalgaes.

 Welcome to MATGAS, Carlota!

Please join us in welcoming Cristina Jiménez as Research Assistant at MATGAS.

Cristina is graduated in Chemical Engineering in 2001 from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Also, she has a master in Science Management (2013) and Science Communication (2007) from Pompeu Fabra University and Imperial College London, respectively.  She carried out research in surface chemistry and pharmaceutical engineering before changing career to science communication.  She has experience in scientific research, science communication as well as public engagement

Cristina has worked as a science communicator at CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) in Geneva as well as a freelance science journalist, publishing news and feature articles in Nature and Science among others.

                              Welcome to MATGAS, Cristina !