g_blejman Please join us in welcoming Gabriel Blejman to MATGAS as a Research Assistant. Gabriel joined Matgas at the end of February 2011.

Gabriel holds a degree in Biology from the National University of Cordoba, Argentina, and a Master’s degree in environmental studies, industrial ecology line, from the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

Before joining MATGAS he worked in several NGO’s, related to environmental protection and education, as well as for the University Ramon Llull, where he was in charge of developing the sustainability plan of the institution. He also  worked for Lavola as a consultant in the area of Life Cycle Assessment.

Over the years, Gabriel has developed a great interest in the innovation and developing of new sustainable processes, and most of all in the environmental impact of their whole life cycle, reason why he is currently pursuing his PhD in MATGAS on “Life Cycle Analysis of new sustainable industrial processes”.

Welcome, Gabriel!


Dr. Ignasi Salvadó
March 2008


On March the 3rd Dr. Ignasi Salvadó joined us as a Carburos employee with a Research Project Manager position in MatGas. The aim of this recruitment is to strengthen the research project management and external relations at MatGas. In addition, with him we will initiate research on CO2 photo-catalytic reduction.