Irene_TorresPlease join us in welcoming Irene Torres to MATGAS as Research Assistant.

Irene joined MATGAS after graduating in Physics from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. During her undergraduate studies, she joined MATGAS for a summer internship on 'Thermogravimetric studies of polymer electrolyte membranes', followed by her final project on 'AFM as a characterization tool for polymer electrolyte membranes', in the framework of the European project LoLiPEM.

In her new position Irene will be working in the LoliPEM project performing long-term tests to Hydrogen polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell (PEMFC) and also continuing with the characterization of polymer electrolyte membranes by atomic force microscopy.

Welcome to MATGAS, Irene!

Mar_EstellesPlease join us in welcoming Mar Estellés to MATGAS as Research Assistant.

Mar Estelles joined MATGAS in July 2012 after finishing her studies of Chemical Engineering at the Technical University of Valencia. As part of her academic trainee Mar earned a grant to join the Process Control Group at NTNU (Trondheim). There, she carried out a research project on the design of integrated distillation columns for separation of multicomponent mixtures. As well as focusing on chemical processes, Mar also acquired a deep knowledge on environmental issues and Life Cycle Assessment methodologies through different technical placements.

 In her new position at MATGAS, Mar will be working on an internal R&D project which aims at characterizing and testing selected materials used in gas-solid catalytic processes for H2 production, and also for others applications such as separation of industrial gases.

Welcome to MATGAS, Mar!