Lourdes Vega, director of MATGAS, was awarded one the first ten diplomas for Professional Excellence in Physical Science by The Spanish Collegiate of Physics (COFIS) on at the 10th National Congress on Environment (CONAMA10) held in Madrid on November 23, 2010.

The Ten Physicists of Excellence for 2010 are (from left to right): Javier Piaye, Juan Ignacio Álvarez, Juan Antonio Elias, Peter Larraz, Lourdes Vega, Vicente Mestre, Josep Baró, Jorge Mira and Miguel Ángel Sabadell.


During the event the COFIS unveiled its new Innovation and Professional Excellence in Physical Sciences and Technologies Nework at the presence of Lourdes Arana, director of the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT) and Gonzalo Echagüe, president of the Collegiate of Physics. The creation of the network gave the opportunity to highlight for the first time the key career develpment paths for professional physicists.