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MATGAS 2000 AIE, known as MATGAS, is a nonprofit organization, born as a joint venture among Carburos Metálicos-Air Products Group, the National Research Council of Spain (Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas - CSIC) and the Autonomous University of Barcelona (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona - UAB).

MISSION: MATGAS was created to advance in the research and development of MATerials and GASes, for different applications.

VISION: To become a World leading center of excellence that integrates research, technology development and demonstration in Energy, Sustainability and Environment, focused on greener energy solutions, including CO2 capture and application, waste treatment and alternative energies, by combining modeling and experimental approaches.

MATGAS center of excellence in CO2 and sustainability, was founded in june 2001. During these ten years MATGAS has been pioneer, at the Spanish and European level, in the combination of basic research and applied and demonstration projects, in subjects related to its areas of interest from capture and industrial uses of CO2, to water treatment, food preservation, bioenergy, hydrogen, fuel cells, molecular modeling and life cycle assessment with internal funding schemes and/ or competitive funds at a national and international level.

This partnership has served to consolidate a model of research development where public and private organizations work in coordination on common goals, unreachable from an individual perspective. In ten years the model has evolved from an innovative promise to a firm a reality.

MATGAS is contributing to develop energy related new technologies friendly to the environment working in different angles of this complex problem, combining in a synergetic manner modeling with experiments. As part of the sustainability commitment we use Life Cycle Assessment tools to the new processes and products we develop. We do these developments in close contact with our strategic partners, with other researchers and with final users.

MATGAS provides an open framework and environment for creative discussions and advance of research in close contact with the industrial world. Our capabilities and results have been outstanding in the different areas we have been working, with projects related to CO2 capture and applications, wastewater treatment, food preservation, hydrogen fuel cells and biomass; some new people have joined us, we had visitors from outside working with us and several students from different universities have been working with us in different projects and areas. You will find some more details about our work in the following page


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MATGAS 2000 A.I.E.

MATGAS 2000 A.I.E. is non-profit making economic interest group dedicated to meeting R+D demands in the field of materials and gases from a broad perspective.
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