About us
MATGAS 2000 AIE, known as MATGAS, is a non-profit organization, born as a joint venture among Carburos Metálicos-Air Products Group, the National Research Council of Spain (Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas - CSIC) and the Autonomous University of Barcelona (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona - UAB).

MATGAS was created to advance in the research and development of MATerials and GASes, for different applications. As the demand for energy is expected to grow, clear steps should be taken towards reducing the emission of CO2 (and other greenhouse gases). One way of doing it is by developing technologies to efficiently capture it, transport it and use it in an environmentally safe manner, as well as searching for alternative energies and processes, for a sustainable development.

MATGAS, as a center of excellence in CO2 and sustainability, is working in different angles of this complex problem, combining in a synergetic manner modeling with experiments. We do these developments in close contact with our strategic partners, with other researchers and with final users. MATGAS provides an open framework and environment for creative discussions and advance of research in close contact with the industrial world.